Will provide better early morning starts. Excess emissions or a smoky exhaust will subside.  Acceleration and performance will improve as LIQUID MOLLY goes to work on dirty plugs and carbon that may have come from incomplete combustion.  LIQUID MOLLY cannot repair your car if it is broken, but continued use of LIQUID MOLLY will reduce and prevent mechanical failures and decrease maintenance trip to a repair centre.  For some, this has resulted in financial savings often equal to a whole year's supply of fuel. 


JT-500 will provide better response and performance from your engine because it has removed combustion chamber deposits and it contains an under surface lubricant which impregnates metal surfaces, lubricating dry cylinders. JT-500 dissolves hard carbon formations such as lacquer, gum, varnish and wax which are derived from the partially burned hydrocarbons in the fuel. This promotes the release of rings and valves, increasing the engine's RPM'S and brake horsepower. LIQUID MOLLY performs a cleaning action for fuel injectors to remove foreign matter that can ruin the spray pattern and proper combustion. Considering the varying quality of gasoline at service pumps, Liquid Molly is particularly beneficial since it reduces the need for a higher octane fuel up to 10 points.


Automobiles, pickups, commercial trucks, boats and two cycle engines, outboard motors, dune buggies, chain saws, snow blowers and other small equipment, air cooled engines. This product is recommended for diesel and gas engines, large and small.

DIRECTIONS:  For Auto/Pickups - Add one 250ml to full tank of fuel every 2500 km.

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